YPE Calgary Presents: Accelerating Digital Energy

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YPE Calgary Presents: Accelerating Digital Energy

Young Professionals in Energy is pleased to host talk series on Accelerating Digital Energy

About the Event

Be the Hero and Change is Easy Except for the People; this talk series features two separate sessions to be held on February 10 and February 24, respectively.

Be the Hero – Session 1

The oil and gas industry faces extraordinary headwinds from environmental activism, talent flight, and capital abandonment. The narrative about the industry has flipped from being an essential social product to an industrial dead end.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are still 1.2 billion cars on the road, 300 million heavy trucks and thousands of planes. We show almost no signs of slowing down. But change we must to halt climate impacts.

There is only one tool in the kit bag that can simultaneously cut costs, boost productivity, and put the climate back on track while we shift to new energies, and that’s digital innovation. It’s the incumbents who are best positioned to define, create, and own the future world of energy. This engaging and inspiring talk lifts the oil and gas industry up from its doldrums, and presents the future as a place of hope. To be the hero of the energy transition, oil and gas must swiftly embrace digital innovations to transform the sector. Audiences will challenged to think like a digital innovator, to exploit the three laws of digital, and to break free from the challenges of change.

Change is Easy Except for the People – Session 2

Implementing change in oil and gas has always been hard. The industry runs 24/7, and must be kept absolutely safe. Change is necessarily cautious and risk averse. And oil and gas knows how to implement change in this harsh and unforgiving setting.

Fail fast? It just has to work. Trial and error? Maybe in a lab but not in the field. But digital innovation is now widely viewed as essential for survival, and digital technologies don’t neatly follow the highly crafted oil and gas change playbook. Moreover, digital innovations are now hitting roles that have been stable for years, and unlocking disruptive new business models.

Change agents who are successfully deploying digital solutions in oil and gas are embracing new ways of approaching digital, with much more emphasis on the people side of change. Hear about how an against-the-ropes oil and gas company successfully deployed an army of bots to free up growth capacity. Learn their four step plan to achieving change success.

► Details

Join us at YPE, Anaplan, and Field Safe Solutions, for a talk series on Accelerating Digital Energy with Geoffrey Cann; back to back February 10 and February 24, 2021 at 12pm MT

Purchasing a ticket will provide you with admission to BOTH Feb 10 and Feb 24 talks; a Zoom link will be emailed out to ticket purchases prior to each event

All ticket proceeds to charity – we have chosen to partner with CUPS Calgary:

CUPS Calgary

Through integrated programs and services, CUPS builds resilient lives for Calgarians facing the challenges of poverty and trauma. Since 1989, CUPS has helped Calgarians overcome adversity and build resilience that spans generations. In 2018, CUPS was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Impact Charities by Charity intelligence—for the second year in a row.

CUPS programs and services support healthy brain development that improves lives for generations to come. We focus on building resilience and creating lasting change—and that requires an integrated approach.