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YPE Calgary Presents: Accelerating Digital Energy

Sign-up HERE! Young Professionals in Energy is pleased to host talk series on Accelerating Digital Energy ► About the Event Be the Hero and Change is Easy Except for the People; this talk series features two separate sessions to be held on February 10 and February 24, respectively. Be the Hero –

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Our Favorite Apps

As our world is increasingly becoming more digital, we wanted to share some of our favourite apps!


Sleep Cycle

"My favorite App is Sleep Cycle. It allows me to capture notes on my activities before I sleep and then correlates sleep data with that information. I like that my cellphone can rest beside me and I don’t need to be wearing a tracker. The best is the alarm; its set in a 30min timeframe and automatically goes off when you are ending a REM cycle to allow for the most optimal wake up time."

- Joeti



“My favourite app is Strava which puts a social spin on a GPS fitness tracking platform. With Strava I can compile a record of all my activities in one place while generating personal stats! It’s also a great motivator to compete against yourself (or others) in specific workouts and challenges, and is a fun way to see what run/bike/hike/ski routes other users have found!”

– Victoria


Swift Volume

"A unique app I use is one called “Swift Volume”. Swift Volume toggles the volume of your phone/headphones based on the speed you are travelling. Perfect for listening to music while skiing as the app reduces the volume when you come to a stop and increases the volume as your speed increases to overcome background wind noise."

– Jack



"My go to app is Audible - it is the perfect app for anyone who likes to listen to books on the go. The app allows users to customize their experience through speed control, a button free feature, as well as a sleep timer. I also love that many of the audiobooks available are narrated by the authors themselves."

- Scarlett



"My favourite app is Curio. It reads news articles from many different sources to you, like a podcast for news and intrigue pieces! It's great for when you want to get the latest on the go or want to learn something new."

- Andy



"My favourite app is the Google App. Based on my searches and the articles/news I read, the app learns to populate my newsfeed with similar and relatable content, ensuring I stay relevant in all areas of interest."

- Seymour


Pocket Casts

"Pocket Casts (iOS) or Podcast Addict (Android): Great apps to manage all your podcasts."

- Josh #1


Podcast Addict

"Pocket Casts (iOS) or Podcast Addict (Android): Great apps to manage all your podcasts."

- Josh #2 

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